What To Do If Your Heating Fails This Winter

The winter months are the time when you rely on the comfort of your home more than ever. After all, the harsh, cold winter weather makes you want to just curl up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea or coffee and stay cozy all day long.

However, if your heating system fails during the winter, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable and unpleasant predicament. While you are waiting for your contractor to come in and perform a new heating installation, you will need to come up with ways to stay warm in the meantime.

So, learn a few techniques to keep warm in the event your heating fails, and you will be prepared in the event of trouble this winter. 

Concentrate Your Efforts To One Small Room

When your heating system is not working and needs to be replaced, it will be next to impossible for you to keep your entire home warm. Instead, you should focus your efforts on one room. 

If you have a living room that can be closed off from the rest of the house, this is the room to use, particularly if you have several people living in your home. However, if not, you can use a bedroom or other smaller room. 

Close Off The Room

First, you will want to try to insulate the room. This means closing curtains, putting towels along the bottom of any windows, and laying blankets and towels along the bottom of the closed door into the room as well.

This will keep any warm air inside the room and keep cold air from seeping in as much as possible. Any other point where cold air can get into the room should be blocked as much as possible as well. 

Try To Heat The Room

If you have portable space heaters, run one in the room you have just insulated. Because you have cut off points where the warmth can escape, you will be able to warm the room up quickly to a comfortable temperature. 

If you do not have space heaters, you can try to light candles, though you will have to keep a close eye on them as they present a fire risk. Otherwise, your body heat and the body heat of anyone else in the room will slowly raise the temperature of the room. You will want to wear several layers of clothing and curl up under blankets.

If your room of choice is a bedroom, you should stay in bed. This is the warmest spot in the room. Electric blankets or mattress pads can help keep you warm as well. 

While you wait for a heating contractor, such as West Country Heating & AC, to install a new heating system, you need to make sure and stay warm and safe in the meantime. By using these simple methods, you will be able to remain as comfortable as possible while you wait.