How To Spot High Quality Vinyl Window

Not all vinyl windows are made the same. If you want your new vinyl windows to last for years to come, you need to choose a vinyl window that is well made. 

The Drawback To Inexpensive Vinyl Windows

Wood and aluminum windows are very stiff and the materials do not really bend. It takes a long time to degrade the frame of wood and aluminum window due to the natural strength of the material.

On the other hand, if you install a poor quality vinyl window, the vinyl can soften over time from long term exposure to heat. This will cause your windows to sag, and create an opening for air to get in and to get out. Also, poor quality vinyl while change color and yellow over time.

If you want to avoid sagging and yellowing windows, you need to purchase high quality vinyl windows. 

Look For High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride

You should purchase vinyl windows that are made from high quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You want to purchase windows that use a PVC that has a low amount of fillers and added ingredients. If you are purchasing your windows directly from the manufacturer, be sure to inquire about the quality of the PVC that they are using. 

Look For Vinyl That Is Pure White

If you want your windows to stay white, you need to purchase vinyl windows that include the chemicals titanium dioxide (TiO2) and tin. These are more expensive chemicals, but when they are added to the PVC, they help the PVC keep its pure white color. However, the TiO2 used has to be a non-chalking grade. TiO2 with chalk will, as the name implies, turn to dust as the plastic degrades over time. 

One way to spot if a vinyl window was made using TiO2 is the initial color of the vinyl window. Since TiO2 keeps windows white and bright for years, a window that is framed in bright white vinyl is a good sign that TiO2 was used in the window. 

Watch Out For Bluish White Vinyl Windows

On the other hand, if the vinyl used around the window is more of a blue white, the manufacturer probably did not use TiO2. White vinyl with a blue tint is a shortcut that some window manufacturers use to extend the length of time the vinyl has a white appearance before the vinyl starts to turn yellow. 

If you want your new vinyl windows to hold up over time, make sure you purchase vinyl windows (from outlets such as Gilkey Windows) that were made using a high grade of polyvinyl chloride and that contain TiO2. Windows made from a high quality polyvinyl chloride will not melt and warp over time, and windows made with non-chalking grade TiO2 will retain their white look over time.