How To Avoid These Top Five Tile Cleaning Mistakes

Keeping the floors in your home clean is important. This can be difficult to do with tile flooring since the grout between the tiles is challenging to keep clean. On top of this, there are many cleaning mistakes that people make when trying to clean the tile in their homes. Here's how you can avoid this and do your tile cleaning the right way:

Don't Use Bleach or Ammonia

Bleach and ammonia based products are extremely strong cleaners and will discolor the grout between the tiles over time. There are many cleaners out there that are milder to use and will keep the attractiveness of your tile flooring strong for years to come. For any cleaners that you consider for purchase, be sure that you look at the back of the bottle to check that it doesn't use any bleach or ammonia.

Don't Scrub

Scrubbing the tile and the grout is probably the worst thing you can do when cleaning tile flooring. This is because all tile flooring has a finish on it, and when you scrub away at that finish, it begins to disappear, making the tile more likely to pick up dirt and stains from spills. Simply use a soft cloth and a mop to get the job done instead, and your tile flooring will be just as clean.

Don't Use a Vacuum

Using a vacuum on tile floors is another thing to avoid. This is because the bristle bar that is underneath a vacuum will scratch the tile and take away from the finish, as well. 

Don't Overwet the Tile

While cleaning the tile with a mop, be sure that you do not overwet the mop. A mop that is sopping wet with water can lead to discoloration in the tile. This discoloration happens because tap water has many minerals in it that can eat away at the finish and the coloration of the tile flooring. When you mop the floors, be sure that the mop isn't sopping wet and ensure that you hand dry with a soft cloth afterwards to avoid letting the tap water sit and soak up into the tile.

Mop and Sweep Regularly

If you don't have time to mop, at least sweep the floors on a regular basis. Dirt is a huge problem for tile flooring because it can damage the finish and ruin the grout over time.

By following these five tips, you should easily be able to keep your tile looking brand new, which will help you to avoid having to replace it.