3 Unique Building Materials For Tiny Houses

Are you considering moving into a tiny house? Tiny houses are a growing movement among people who want to live more simply, inexpensively, and in a way that is friendly to the environment. These houses are usually no more than a few hundred square feet in size, can be built totally off the grid if that's your preference, and can be mobile or fixed in one place.

They can also be built out of an extraordinary number of different materials, depending on your needs and goals for your tiny house lifestyle. Here are three unique building materials you can use to make luxurious tiny houses for very little money. These materials are all environmentally friendly, too.

1. Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers make excellent tiny houses. You can get one of these containers, which are used to move cargo across the ocean on ships and are very large, for only a few thousand dollars in most cases. Even if you get two or three of them to weld together into an especially spacious tiny house, you will be able to live mortgage-free.

Using shipping containers provides a ready-made framework for your house and keeps the metal out of the landfills. You just need to finish up the inside of them with walls, a ceiling, flooring, insulation, windows, doors, furnishings, and decorations, and you're ready to move in.

2. Box Trucks

Similar to shipping containers, except slightly smaller and on wheels, used box trucks make great portable tiny houses. You can even set one on a foundation if you don't intend to travel with it.

Making a tiny house out of a box truck is similar to doing the same with a shipping container. You've already got the frame of the house with the structure of the truck. All you need to do is cut windows and a door, finish up the inside to your liking, and move in.

3. Straw Bales

You wouldn't think a straw bale house would be sturdy or comfortable, but it is, in every way. Straw bales are inexpensive, and provide natural insulation. This keeps your house energy efficient.

Just build wooden frames around the straw bales once you've created walls out of them and cut places for windows and doors. Fill in the frames with plaster, paint the house, and finish up the inside like you would with any tiny house. You'll have a mortgage-free, environmentally friendly home that even the big bad wolf can't knock down, and no one but you will ever know it's made out of straw.


There are many different materials to use when building a tiny house. These three are some of the most popular among tiny house enthusiasts, but you're really only limited by your imagination in what you use to build your home.

Try one of these building materials, or come up with something new on your own. The important thing is to be happy with your tiny home. So get started building today. A company like American Building & Roofing Inc can supply the other building materials you'll need.