How To Fix Cracks In Your In-Ground Pool Using Epoxy

The temperatures are rising outside and it's now time to get the pool ready for another swimming season. The first thing you should do is inspect the pool to make sure everything is in shape after the long cold winter. An issue that affects in-ground pools is the natural movement of the earth during freeze and thaw cycles. These movements can exert a lot of pressure against the cement walls of the pool and cause them to crack – cracks that should be repaired before you fill the pool up with water. Here is how you can repair cracks in the walls of your pool using epoxy.

You Will Need:

  • Hand-Held Grinder
  • Soft-Bristled Paint Brush
  • Putty Knife
  • Epoxy
  • Surface Ports
  • Caulk Gun

Clean Cracks

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean the crack of loose pieces of cement and other debris. Take your hand-held grinder and gently run the edge of the blade along the inside of the crack from top to bottom. Then take a small soft-bristled paint brush and sweep away all the chipped pieces of cement, dust, and any other debris that could interfere with the ability of the epoxy to completely close the crack.

Install Surface Ports

You will use surface ports to inject the epoxy deep into the crack so you get a good seal. The surface ports are placed 6 to 8 inches apart along the entire crack. The ports are held in place using a special epoxy paste for cement surfaces. Place a little paste around the flange of the port to hold it in place after you insert the port into the crack. Once all the ports are in the crack, cover the entire crack with the epoxy surface sealing agent so the epoxy you are going to inject into the ports won't ooze back out as you fill up the crack. The surface seal typically dries within a few minutes.

Injecting Epoxy

Load a tube of epoxy into the caulk gun and start injecting the epoxy into the bottom hole first. You should stop injecting the epoxy once you see it start flowing out of the port above the one you are working on. Move to the next port and inject epoxy into it until the epoxy again flows out of the port above it. Keep on repeating this process until the crack is filled with epoxy. You should wait for at least seven days before you fill the pool with water to allow the epoxy to completely cure and harden.

If the cracks in your pool are too big to fix this way, or if your pool needs to be resurfaced, contact a company that specializes in in-ground pool repair.