4 Reasons Why Radiant Floor Heating Systems Are Beneficial

Are you interested in having a radiant floor heating system installed (from professionals such as those from Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc), but are not sure if it will meet your requirements? Then, take the time to learn about the advantages of such systems. It will help you make an informed decision regarding if they are a good fit for your home. With that thought in mind, here are 4 reasons why radiant floor heating systems should be chosen:

1. No Visual Negatives

A radiant floor heating system will be out of sight, which means it cannot detract from the quality of your interior décor. On the other hand, a radiator, or other type of heating system can reduce the aesthetics of a room.

Furthermore, a radiator can decrease the amount of flexibility that you have when placing furniture in a room. For example, if there is a radiator on a wall, then you can't place a sofa directly in front of it. The heat might damage the sofa over the long run, and the quality of the heat circulation around the room will be reduced.

2. Save Money On Heating Bills

Radiant floor heating systems are more efficient that other options, which means you'll save money on heating bills. For example, if you opt for timber flooring, then you can save 20% as opposed to a system that uses radiators.

The cost of having an underfloor heating system installed will be more expensive, because the flooring needs to be removed. And then installed again once the system is in place. However, this higher upfront cost can pay for itself in under a year, due to the money saved on energy costs.

3. Warm Flooring

It is very convenient to have a floor that is warm when the heating is on. For example, if you have kids then they can play on the ground without feeling cold. Or, if you like to walk around the house in bare feet, then you can do that without your feet getting cold. A radiator will adequately heat up a room, but the flooring might remain cold.

4. A Clean System

Compared with a forced air system, the radiant floor heating will provide cleaner air. That's because the heat circulation around the room will be gentle. Therefore, dust and allergy-inducing pollen particles will not be forced into the air as readily. Those suffering from allergies have reported that a radiant floor heating system does not induce allergy symptoms as easily.