Three Great Types Of Hardwood Floors

There are many different types of hardwood floors. The most popular hardwood products are sold as modular planks. You can also buy hardwood tiles. These pieces are much smaller and result in a more mosaic look. Custom hardwood floors are made will solid planks of hardwood. Each of these three types of hardwood floors has its own drawbacks and advantages. This article will explain the differences so you can decide which is best for your home.

Modular Planks

Modular planks are the most common products you will find in a home improvement store. These planks are designed with a basic tongue and groove system, so the piece snap together. These floors are the easiest to install because they require minimal cutting and hardly any fasteners. They are also convenient because they have laminated tops. This means they are durable and never need to be restained or refinished. Planks are also very popular because they are the most affordable.

Hardwood Tiles

Hardwood tiles are similar to planks because they are made out composite wood with a laminated top. Most hardwood tiles do not have a tongue and groove system (although some do). The pieces have an adhesive bottom that you simply need to peel away to expose. It is much like applying a wooden sticker to your floor. Once again, since you do not need to use any fasteners or adhesives, wood tiles are easy to install on your own. Many people like the more random look that hardwood tiles have once the whole floor is installed.

Custom Hardwood

Custom hardwood floors, from a company like New York Hardwood Floors, are obviously the most expensive. They are made out of solid planks of hardwood. They need to be attached to the subfloor with adhesives. This is why most custom floors need to be installed by flooring specialists. There are many great perks to have a custom hardwood floor. First, they feel more solid under foot. They can also increase insulation and have much better soundproofing. Perhaps the best thing about custom floors is that you can refinish them as often as you like. They do not have a laminated top, so you can sand off the stain and then restain your floor whenever you want. Over the years you can update the style of your floor to keep up with your home décor.

All three options can be a great upgrade for any room in your home. It is a great remodel that will increase the value of your property and give your rooms a more unique look.