Common Asphalt Driveway Issues Addressed

An asphalt driveway is a common feature that is found on many homes. However, these driveways can encounter a variety of problems that will have to be addressed. For those that have only recently purchased their first homes, these problems can seem somewhat daunting when they arise. Yet, taking the time to learn about the following couple of routine problems can help you to understand what is needed to address these issues if they strike your home. 

How Can You Blend Patched Asphalt?

Despite taking good care of your driveway, there is always a chance that a portion of it can become damaged. When this occurs, you might be able to use an asphalt patch kit to repair the damage. This involves mixing a small amount of asphalt and applying it to the damaged area until it matches the rest of the pavement. While this can be an effective way of repairing damaged areas of the driveway, it can create some aesthetic problems for the driveway. The patched area will likely be far darker than the surrounding asphalt because sun exposure will cause the asphalt color to fade. Not surprisingly, most homeowners want to have this problem minimized. 

In order to correct this problem, you will need to apply a sealcoat to the rest of the driveway that has not been patched. This will help darken the driveway, which will help it match the patched area. You may need multiple coats to match the color, but this can be a cost-effective way of mitigating this issue.  

What Should Be Done If The Soil Around The Driveway Starts To Erode?

One day, you may notice that the soil around the driveway is starting to erode. While this can create aesthetic problems for your yard, it can also cause a host other of issues as well. For example, it is possible for the eroding soil to structurally weaken the driveway until deep cracks form. 

If you find that erosion is becoming an issue for your driveway, you will likely be able to repair this problem by installing gutters or French drains. This will help divert the flow of water away from the driveway, which can stop the erosion from damaging the driveway. The installation of this type of drainage system is rather complex because it will require excavating large amounts of soil before you can place the pipes into position. Once the soil has been removed, gravel is placed both above and below the perforated pipe to help minimize the chances of dirt clogging it. While this upgrade will require an investment on your part, it can save you from future repairs, and this may make the upgrade more than worth it. 

A driveway is a common feature that most modern homes have, but if you are unfamiliar with some of the issues that can arise with your driveway, you may not understand how to have them repaired. By understanding how you can blend patched asphalt with the rest of the driveway and how to prevent soil erosion, you can help keep your driveway looking great.

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