Building Supplies You Will Need To Construct A New Garage

When you are finally ready to construct a new detached garage, and you want to do the entire project yourself, you will need lots of different building supplies. Construction contractors either order their supplies direct from manufacturers, or purchase them from a home improvement store or hardware store. You can buy your supplies the same way, and here is what you will need to construct your new garage.


  • A hammer and/or rubber headed mallet
  • A ratchet set
  • A basic set of screwdrivers
  • An adjustable wrench, just in case
  • Pliers, preferably a needle-nose set
  • A metal or tin snips
  • A nail gun
  • Lots of brads for the nail gun (brads are the strips of nails you load into the nail gun)
  • An air pressure tank for the nail gun
  • A cement mixer
  • Some sort of ground leveling tool/machine, like a front loader and a paver (because you have to place the base of your garage on a level surface to avoid uneven structural damage later on)
  • A table saw and/or a circular saw

You may find that you need a few more tools than this, but these are the basics that a construction contractor would probably recommend if you asked him or her about the tools he/she uses to build a garage.

Actual Supplies

The list of supplies is dependent upon whether or not you use pre-built garage walls and trusses, but the supplies to build your own are included in this list too.

  • Lumber, and lots of it--most of it needs to be about eight or more feet long to create the height of the garage walls. Ask the clerk at the store for what types of boards you need to first build the framework, and then the boards you will need to cover the framework
  • Rolled insulation, especially if you plan to insulate your garage against cold weather
  • Lots of cement or concrete mix for the foundation of your garage (the cement/concrete also helps stabilize the main stud boards for the framework, so you really cannot skip this step or this building supply item)
  • Fasteners of all types and sizes (the nail gun will help with most of the construction, but you will still need some nuts, bolts and screws in certain areas)
  • Garage doors and windows (if you plan to have windows--some people do not)
  • Building plans
  • A building permit from the city
  • A dumpster rental for your debris

All of the above are necessary just to get started on a new garage. Now that you have seen the list of supplies and tools you will need, you may feel a little daunted. If it is quite overwhelming, you can still hire a contractor to use the tools and supplies you purchased and/or rented, and his or her crew can build the garage for you. Contact a business like N.Z. Cramer & Son Inc | Building Supplies for more information.