Why You Should Switch To Keyless Door Locks For Your Office Building

When you own an office building that has a lot of doors, it can be frustrating when your employees continuously lose the keys and need new ones. If you are fed up with having to get new keys made from running out of spares, you might want to think about getting keyless locks installed on the doors by an industrial locksmith. This article will go over the benefits that you will have by switching to door locks that does not require keys to lock and unlock them.

1. No More Dealing with Lost Keys

You will end up saving money by using keyless door locks being that your employees lose keys a lot. There will be no need for you to continuously get copies of the keys made. Getting to the doors in your office building will be able to be done by simply typing in a pin number. If one of your employees happens to forget his or her pin number, you can reset the pin without having to call a locksmith to perform the task for you. Being able to reset pins on your own can save you money on locksmith fees in the future.

2. Your Office Building Will Be More Secure

The best thing about keyless locks is that they are not easier to pick open. If an unauthorized person does attempt to pick a keyless lock, he or she is likely to get frustrated with having a hard time doing it and simply give up. Keyless locks are more secure than other lock types because many of the models do not use cylinders that can be picked with the typical lock picking tools. Even the keyless locks that are equipped with cylinders are more secure because they are not standard cylinders.

3. Installation Does Not Require Anything Special

You don't have to worry about a locksmith having to make any major changes to your current door locks in order to install keyless door locks. He or she will be able to install the keyless door locks without having to do any drilling or removing deadbolt parts. Being that keyless door locks does not require the use of electricity, a locksmith can also install them without having to do any wiring. For instance, some models of keyless door locks only need batteries in the keypad device to work. Hire an industrial locksmith to switch your door locks to keyless ones as soon as possible.

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