Four Questions That Can Make You Feel Confident About Your Paving Contractor

It's an exciting time when you're getting ready to have your driveway paved. Whether you've grown tired of the look of your old, cracked asphalt driveway or have finally decided to upgrade your gravel driveway, you'll soon be enjoying the pristine look of your new sheet of asphalt. Before you reach this point, though, you shouldn't rush the process of hiring your paving contractor. Ensuring that you're partnering with the right professional to do the job will dramatically increase the odds of favorable results. As you speak to different contractors before deciding which one to hire, here are four questions to ask.

Will The Slope Or Layout Of My Driveway Pose Any Challenges?

Be sure to give each paving contractor some specific information about your driveway and then ask about any challenges unique to your situation. Driveways that are dramatically sloped can present different challenges than flat driveways, just as those that are oddly shaped can be more challenging to pave than a uniform, rectangular driveway. Listen to the contractor to explain that he or she has successfully handled similar driveway projects in the past—ideally, he or she can also email you some photos of the finished results.

How Deep Will The Driveway Base Be?

A driveway's longevity is partly tied to the base of crushed gravel below it, so it's important to determine that your paving contractor will be taking a conscientious approach to the base depth. Generally, around six inches of base will be needed, although this can vary according to a variety of different factors. Ensure that the contractor's answer meets or exceeds the six-inch guideline.

How Many Residential Driveways Do You Pave Per Year?

There's no right answer to this question, but you want to hear a hire number that makes you feel confident in the contractor's experience. You can generally be more confident in hiring a paving contractor who is exceedingly busy and paves a great deal of driveways per year—ideally, including some driveways in your neighborhood that you can go check out.

Will My Lawn Get Damaged During The Paving Job?

While it's true that paving a driveway requires heavy equipment that sprays tar, reputable paving contractors will pledge to you that the job won't harm your lawn. While some small sections of grass that touch the edge of the driveway might get tar on them, you want to hear a guarantee that, overall, your lawn will survive the job.