Four Cool, High-Tech Plumbing Features for Your Bathroom

If you're remodeling or updating your bathroom, why not include some high-tech gadgets? Technology has made most every facet of life simpler, and with these cool, modern plumbing features, even using your bathroom will be simpler and more enjoyable.

Digital Showers

Are you tired of having to adjust your shower again and again before finally arriving at the perfect temperature? Maybe you like the shower head aimed at you from a different angle than your housemate likes it, so the two of you are always having to move it back and forth. A digital shower eliminates these struggles. Each user can set their own personal preferences when it comes to temperature, water pressure, and angle. When you get into the shower, you just select your personalized "account" using the wall pad, and the shower adjusts to your own personalized settings.

Heated Toilet Seats

Sitting down on a chilly toilet seat on a cold winter night is a terrible feeling. With a heated toilet seat, you can avoid this struggle. You can set the seat to your preferred temperature, and it stays comfortable and ready for you. Some heated seats are also self-sanitizing. You push a button after you use the toilet, and the seat gets sprayed with an antibacterial solution.

Touchless Faucets

These have been used in public washrooms for years, but only recently have they become common in residential settings. Just stick your hands under the faucet, and the motion sensor turns the faucet on. There's no more contaminating faucets when your hands are dirty or worrying when the knob won't turn all of the way off. Kids can also use touchless faucets more easily, since they don't have to reach so far back to turn the sink on. You can set the touchless faucet to a safe temperature and never worry about burns.

Smart Faucets

Do you ever wish you could check your calendar and see the latest weather report while you're brushing your teeth? Maybe you need a smart faucet. These faucets have a screen display on their tops. Connected to the internet, they can display basic information like your calendar, the weather, and your important emails so you can stay caught up while you're grooming without worrying about getting your smartphone or tablet wet.

To learn more about these and other innovative new plumbing features, speak to your plumbing contractor or builder. They can let you know which options are most feasible for your home design.