How To Remove And Replace Cabinet Doors

Remodeling your kitchen is a smart investment for most homeowners. The kitchen is a room that seems to wear out before other rooms because it receives a lot of foot traffic. For instance, the finish on your cabinets, especially the doors, can wear off because they are constantly touched by dirty hands. This is why remodeling your kitchen cabinets by changing the doors is a very smart and often necessary investment. This article explains how you can do this job on your own.

Removing the Doors

First, you need to remove the doors from the cabinet. This is simple with a power drill since most stores are attached with two hinges and two screws in each hinge. You should take the doors to separate area where you can work on them more easily. For instance, set them up on a table that is masked off so you can sand and then spray them without having to move them around too much.

Sanding Doors

First, you need to sand your doors to prepare them to be painted. Start by removing the hardware and hinges from the doors. It might be a good idea to completely replace your hinges during this project. New hinges are stronger and have better features, like self-closing. Also, new hardware handles can make your cabinet system look very different. The amount of sanding you have to do largely depends on the color of your new paint or stain. If you are painting your doors a solid paint color, you don't need to sand off all of the existing stain. Instead, you just need to sand the surface until it is smooth. However, if you are applying a tinted stain, you will need to expose the natural wood by sanding off all of the existing stain.

If your doors have decorative molding, you should use a sponge sander. This allows you to get the rounded edges and inside the cracks very easily. But, you can also use a power sander to remove the majority of the stain on the flat surfaces of the door. Make sure you use an extra fine grit paper so the surface is paintable.

Painting or Staining the Doors

If you are going to paint your cabinet doors, you will probably need to use a spraygun. Hardwood used in most cabinet construction are too fine for normal paintbrushes. If you use a paintbrush, you will leave behind noticeable brushstrokes. However, if you are just staining your doors, you can apply it with rags instead of paintbrushes. Regardless of how you do it, you will need to use steel wool to smooth out the surface after the paint or stain dries. Most likely, you will need to apply several coats and use the steel wool between each coat.

As you can see, refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a very easy but productive home improvement project.