Interested in a Property With Flooding Damages? Who to Call

If you are looking to purchase a home that you know had some water damage and flooding throughout the basement, there are service professionals trained to help you determine the quality of the house. The water could have caused structural and bacterial problems in the property, and the house may not be safe to live in.

If you want to submit an offer because you are worried someone else will purchase the property, submit your offer with a contingency on an inspection of the water damages. Then get advice from the following service providers.

Professional Mold Extraction and Mediation

The water probably left behind mold and mildew throughout the basement of the house, and you want to have a company come and extract the toxic fungi from the house. The experts will have to treat not just the foundation and materials that were in direct contact with water but also insulation throughout the house, the ventilation systems, and all drywall. Get an estimate and a report after the company has tested for mold around the property.

Structural Engineer

The water could have compromised the cement foundation of the home, the wood beams that support the house, and the ground soil around the property. You need to talk with a structural engineer to see if there are any damages around the property from the flooding and if you have to worry that the house's foundation isn't as supported as it needs to be.

General Contractor

A general home building or remodeling contractor should come to see what the cost will be to replace different materials around the home and to see if there appliances that need replaced and other changes that need to be made. You don't want to end up buying the house not realizing how much it would cost to get the interior back in good condition.

If you have walked through a house and have seen the water damage around the foundation and around the inside of the home, but you aren't sure if it can easily be fixed and repaired or if it will cost a lot of money and take a lot of time, then you need estimates. The estimates will let you know how much you have to spend to make the house livable, and you can factor in if the time and the money you have to invest is worth the list of expenses you'll have to pay.