4 Tips To Help With The Challenges Of Removing Commercial Structures To Rebuild

If you have invested in a commercial property that has dilapidated structures on it, they will need to be removed before you can rebuild. Before demolition and removal of the old buildings, there are steps to prepare the site and safety precautions to ensure the safe removal of old buildings. The following tips will help you deal with the challenges of removing old commercial structures before rebuilding:

Have the Site Inspected and Tested for Waste That Needs to Be Cleaned Up

The first thing that you will want to do before you begin with planning demolition and new construction is to have the site tested. Old commercial sites may have waste from things like buried oil tanks, outdated septic systems, and other sources. Check local records for any documentation of waste and have the site tested to ensure these problems are not present. If there is any waste, it will need to be cleaned up before you will be able to move forward, and cleaning may need to continue during the demolition process.

Surveying and Removal of Utility Services That Still Go to Buildings

One of the problems that you may have with an old commercial site is utilities that are buried and still connected to the main service or grid. Have your commercial property surveyed to mark all the old utility installations and make sure that they have been disconnected, so that they can be safely removed without causing any hazards or problems that delay your project.

Demolition Planning to Safely Tear Down Old Buildings on Your Property

There are many dangers with old commercial buildings, which may have structural damage and other hazards. Plan the demolition with a professional contractor to ensure the process of tearing down an old building is done safely. In addition, install safety systems like temporary construction fences to keep unauthorized personnel away and prevent accidents.

Removal and Salvage of Demolition Waste and Clearing Property to Start Building

Once the demolition has been done, you are going to be left with a big pile of waste. Some of the materials of old commercial buildings can be separated, recycled, and sometimes reused. Start removing and storing materials that can be salvaged. In addition, talk with the demolition contractor about options for recycling materials like steel and concrete to make your rebuilding project greener and environmentally-friendly.

These are some tips that will help you with the preparation, demolition, and safe removal of commercial structures before you break ground and start rebuilding. If you need help with the removal of existing structures, contact a commercial demolition service for professional help getting your property ready for a new building.