3 Reasons Installing A Deck Railing Is Important

The deck on your home is an excellent place to spend time with family and friends. Installing a railing around your deck has some great benefits as well. Some you may not have considered when building the deck but are important. 

Safety First

The best reason you can have to install a railing around your deck is simply for the safety of people using the deck. Without a railing on your deck, someone could get too close to the edge and fall from the deck. Elevated decks can be quite high, and a fall from the deck could cause a severe injury. 

The cost of installing a railing should not be a determining factor if you need one or not. If there is a potential safety concern without the railing, then install the railing right away or stop using the deck. A family with small kids or pets that could fall from the deck may want to install a railing and add some mesh or screen to the railing so that the kids or animals can not push through the railing. 

Look or Aesthetics

Installing a railing on your deck can offer a finished look to the deck. Sometimes the best reason to have the railing is the way it looks. If safety is not the issue, installing a railing may be nothing more than cosmetic but can also really affect the overall look and feel of the deck. The type of material you chose for your railing should complement the material the deck is made from and look great as well as being functional. 

The deck can add to the resale value of the house as well, so if you are considering selling down the road, the deck and railing can be a great addition to your home. If you're considering selling, not having the railing around the deck could be a problem for some buyers.


A deck railing has an odd attraction for people. It can be an excellent spot for people to stand and talk about all kinds of things. Often, people can be found leaning on the railing while chatting, setting a cold drink on top of the deck railing, or just gathering near the railing and looking at the view or thinking about the day.

At the end of a long day, taking a break and surveying the world around you while leaning on the railing of your deck can have a calming effect for many people and is almost enough reason all by itself to install a railing around our deck.

Speak to a contractor who provides deck railings to learn more.