5 Common Signs Your Outdoor Tennis Court Needs To Be Resurfaced

When you enjoy tennis, having your own outdoor tennis court can be incredibly rewarding. However, after the initial installation, the outdoor court will be exposed to the elements and need some ongoing maintenance attention. One of the most pressing maintenance tasks you can run into is a need for outdoor court resurfacing. Resurfacing can take a weathered outdoor court and transform it into a court that looks as good as new. Here is a look at some of the signs it is time to have your outdoor court resurfaced. 

1. The surface of the court appears porous. 

Porosity is never good on an outdoor court. It allows moisture to seep through the surface and break down the underlying pavement. You may notice some small holes or thin fracture lines on the surface of the tennis court. Or, you may notice that water does not wick away from the surface the same as it once did. In any case, you should speak to an outdoor court resurfacing service for help. 

2. You have issues with weeds growing through the surface of the court. 

As the surface of the tennis court breaks down, it can make way for vegetation to spring through the underlying pavement. You may come across small tufts of grass coming through thin cracks, for example. If you are constantly fighting back weeds on your court, it is definitely time to consider resurfacing. 

3. The markings on the court have grown worn and hard to see. 

While not a definitive sign, faded markings can be a good indicator that it is time to resurface your outdoor court. It can take several years for the markings to fade, so if the markings on your tennis court are faded, take a closer look at the surface to look for other imperfections. 

4. Some pitting has started to develop. 

Pitting is the beginning stage of a pothole. You may notice some spots on your court are not level or appear to be slightly sinking. It is important to have the court resurfaced before the issue gets worse. 

5. Certain spots of your tennis court appear brittle. 

Brittleness comes from overexposure to the elements. The protective surface has worn away, so the underlying pavement can start to deteriorate. Most often, this kind of issue will show up in just small spots. Nevertheless, it is a good sign that your outdoor tennis court needs to be resurfaced. 

If your outdoor tennis court isn't looking it's best, consider contacting outdoor court resurfacing services in your area to get in fixed up.