Tips For Preventing Deadly Cave-In Accidents On Your Excavation Site

Of all the jobs being done every day in the field of construction, excavating has been considered one of the most dangerous. The greatest reason excavations sites have been found to be the most dangerous is because the earth becomes unstable when an excavator digs into it, creating a deadly environment for workers, especially those that have not been properly trained for working in a trench. Protect your crews by following these guidelines every time a trench is dug. Read More 

3 Topsoil Tips

The topsoil in your yard contains all the organic matter, or important nutrients and minerals, that your grass and landscape plants need to grow.  Unfortunately, construction often destroys this layer and leaves you with sandy or rocky soil that is not suitable for plants. The following tips can help you preserve your topsoil during your new construction project or at least replenish it after you finish. Tip #1: Save What You Have Read More 

4 Steps To Clean Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler systems are a great addition to any home. They keep your lawn looking amazing. However, a clogged sprinkler head can cause a number of problems for your lawn. Before you know it, your lawn isn't getting watered and it starts to dry up and turn a sickly brown color. By taking the time to go through and clean out your sprinkler heads at least once every year, you can prevent any dirt and debris from building up and clogging your system. Read More 

Building Supplies You Will Need To Construct A New Garage

When you are finally ready to construct a new detached garage, and you want to do the entire project yourself, you will need lots of different building supplies. Construction contractors either order their supplies direct from manufacturers, or purchase them from a home improvement store or hardware store. You can buy your supplies the same way, and here is what you will need to construct your new garage. Tools A hammer and/or rubber headed mallet A ratchet set A basic set of screwdrivers An adjustable wrench, just in case Pliers, preferably a needle-nose set A metal or tin snips A nail gun Lots of brads for the nail gun (brads are the strips of nails you load into the nail gun) An air pressure tank for the nail gun A cement mixer Some sort of ground leveling tool/machine, like a front loader and a paver (because you have to place the base of your garage on a level surface to avoid uneven structural damage later on) A table saw and/or a circular saw You may find that you need a few more tools than this, but these are the basics that a construction contractor would probably recommend if you asked him or her about the tools he/she uses to build a garage. Read More 

Drain Cleaning - How To Remove The Trap

A clogged sink can be a major nuisance in your day to day life. Many times the occurrence is due to the build up of grease, hair or other unwanted items that need removing. Once you notice the problem it is important to clean the drain as soon as possible to avoid making the build up worse.  Drain cleaning can often be done through some very simple methods, usually with the assistance of a basic drain cleaning fluid, which can be bought at your local hardware store. Read More