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Brake Pad Non-Asbestos 

We manufacture all kinds of automobile's brake pads. Oto World and BF is the best selling brake pad that is manufactured by Best Form Brake Manufacture Sdn. Bhd. Oto World and BF brake pads are suitable for all kinds of automobile.
To satisfy our customer's requirements, our products can be manufactured using different materials, including Non-Asbestos and Semi-Metallic. Moreover, we've developed these into 32 kinds of friction materials for various application conditions in braking, such as pressure, speed, humidity, water, oil and acid-resistance. 

Our present monthly output for Brake Pads is 300,00 set. Our catalogues, samples, specifications and price lists will be sent to you upon request. We welcome any order, including special ones, to meet your requirements. We also provide whole-plant export that has marked prominent records.



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